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Tuesday August 23
Arrive to Warsaw,
Visit the Okopowa Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw,
with the largest number of jews buried there.
okopowa cemetery
Visit the former ghetto area, Mila 18, Umschlag Plac.
Dinner and sleep in Warsaw.
Mila 18
Wednesday Aug. 24
Shachris in the only synagogue not destroyed by the Nazis,
after breakfast we travel to Parysow see the barn built by
the owners grandfather, from the matzevos of the Jewish cemetery
of the Tzadik Rabbi Yehoshua Asher Rabinowitz.
On to Lublin, the Yeshivah the old Jewish cemetery of the Maharshal
and the Choze. The Palace.
dinner. Sleep in Zamosc.
Thursday Aug. 25
Shachris in the restored old Sephardic shul where the
Dubno Magid was ruv the last 14 years of his life,
Belzec Nazi killing camp where over 500,000 Jews from
Galicia were killed.
On to the Rebba of all rebbas Reb Elimaylach of Lezajsk,
then to the and the Magnificent restored shul of the Choze,
before he became a Chasidic leader, built by the Potocki family,
nephew of the Ger Tzedek of Villna.
Sleep in Sanz.
Friday Aug. 26
Daven in newly restored Shul of the Divray Chaim of Sanz.
Bobowa the Bais Hamedrash of the Rebbas of Bobov,
the cemetery of the first Rebba of Bobov Reb Shloma.
Tzanz Shul
Shabbos Aug. 27
Shabbos in Krakow with local Jews, walking tour shabbos afternoon.
Motzi Shabbos the Remu cemetery, where some of Poland's greatest are.
Sunday Aug. 28
Oswiecim, visit the only shtibel not destroyed by the Nazis,
Auschwitz/Birkenau, learn what the Nazi goals were,
meet the director of Auschwitz.
On to Holesov, the beautifully renovated Shul of the Shach and
the the cemetery.
Dinner and sleep in Prague.
Monday Aug. 29
Prague, the most visited city in Europe with its rich Jewish history.
Tuesday Aug. 30
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