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Nesia(Trip) to Lyzansk
21 days in Adar 2010

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Wednesday March 3
17th Adar
Departing from New York to Poland
Thursday March 4
18th Adar
Arrive to Katowice, Poland.
A comfortable bus will be waiting for us at the airport.

We will visit Radomsk, Tiferes Shlomo,
Kilce, Reb. Mottele Kozmirer,
Radoschitz, Reb Yisocher Ber Radoschitzer,
Lelow, Reb Duvid
Dinner and Maariv in Lelow.
Sleep in Krakow.
Friday March 5
19th Adar
Erev Shabbos
Bright and early Davin Shacharis in the only Bais Hamedrash
not destroyed by the Nazis in Oshpetzin.
Learn about the goal of the Nazis and the Final Solution in Auschwitz/ Bikenau.
Return to Krakow be mispallel in the old and new Batei Chaim.
Shabbos March 6
20th Adar
Shabbos in Krakow in the shadow of the great Bach
on the day of his Yartzeit.
Three seudos Shabbos.
Walking tour of the old Jewish area of Kazimish.
Motzaei Shabbos March 6
20th Adar
On to Lezansk to Reb. Elimaylach
We will complete sefer Tehilim and make Melave Dímalka
On to Lublin, Worka , Warsaw the Bais Hachaim and the Getto area
Then head to the airport and home to NY

Return home to NYC

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