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Nesia to Mekomos Hakedoshim Poland

Rosh Chodesh Adar
February 11

Tuesday February 12th
2nd of Adar
Arrive to Warsaw
We visit the only Bais Haknesses not destroyed by the Germans during the Holocaust,

The Getto uprising headquarters Mila 18, the cemetery with the most Tzadikim & niftarim,
See the remains of the Jewish ghetto.
On to Gur the Chadishay Harim & Sfas Emes,

Lublin Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin, the cemetery, the Kvorim of Reb Yaakov Pollack,
Reb Shulim Shachne the Maharshal, and the Choze.
Dinner and sleep in Lublin.

Wednesday February 13th
3rd of Adar
Visit Majdanek killing camp.

Travel to Lizsensk, daven at the kever of Reb Elimelech,

Lancut Minche at the magnificent shul of the Choze, the kever of Reb. Naftuli of Ropschitz
Dinov the B'nai Yisosschor. Dinner and sleep in Jaslo.
Thursday February 14th
4th of Adar
Warzyce the mass grave and matzevah in the forest where the SS murderd the Kolischitzer Ruv
together with 60 Yidden. On to Sanz the Divray Chaim and his restored shul,

If time allows kever achim [mass grave] of the 800 childern of the Jewish orphanage,
killed by the Nazis.

Krakow the restored matzevah of Sarah Schneirer in the Plaszov camp.
The original Bais Yaakov building,

The cemetery of the Remu, the Bach,
the Megaleh Amukos, the Tosfos YomTov and others. Dinner and sleep in Krakow.
Friday February 15th
5th of Adar
Shachris in the Bais Hakneses of the REMU.
After breakfast we leave to Auschwitz/Birkenau.
Detailed explanation of the evolution of Nazi plans to achieve
the extermination of European Jewry.
Shabbos February 16th
6th of Adar
Daven with the local community. Three Seudas Shabbos,
Special guest Dr Jonathan Webber.
Sunday February 17th
7th of Adar
We leave Krakow very early: Visit Stopnica, Kielce, Reb Mottele Kuzmirer,
newly discovered kever of Reb Yossef Buruch Chontichener
Lodz visit the largest Jewish Bais Hachayim in Eastern Europe, Poznanski Palace
Sleep in Warsaw.
Monday February 18th
8th of Adar
We return to New York./Eretz Yisroel.
Tzeischem L'shalom
Duvid Singer
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