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Sunday August 2nd
12th of AV
leaving NYC flying to Lemberg, (Lvov) Ukraine.
Air conditioned bus with full amenities will be waiting for us at the airport.
Monday Aug 3rd
13th of Av
Visiting the forest where the Kedushas Zion, 2nd Rebbe of Bobov was killed by the SS. Continue to Anapoli,
the Meziritcher Maggid & Reb Zishe. Dinner and sleep in Kiev.
Tueday August 4th
14th of AV
Vilednik Reb Yisroel Dov, Agnitivka, Reb Motele Chernobler, learn why he is buried Anitevka than to Fastov and Reb Avrum haíMalach,
Uman Reb Nachmen míBreslov on to the holy Bardichever, Polnoe, the Toldos Yakov Yoseph, Medzibiz, the holy Baal Shem Tov,
Reb Burech, the Degel, the Ohav Yisroel and Reb Volv Kitzis . Dinner and sleep in Mezibish.
Wednesday Aug 5th
13th of Av
Daven Shacharis in the bais hamedrish of the Baal Shem Tov. On to Chortkiv, Reb David Moshe and his magnificent Bais Hamedrish.
Next Zidichov the Ateres Tzvi Reb Tzvi Hersh. On to Munkatch the Minchas Eluzar than to Bushtina Reb Mordechle Nadvorner sleep in Bushtina .
Thursday Aug 6th
16th of AV
KDaven Shacris in Reb Mordcheleís bais hamedrash, Kolomia Reb Hillel, on to the Holy Ruziner in Sadiger/Cernivic.
Cross the border to Romania, near Sziget, visit the cemetery of the Yetev Lev and more. Continue on to Satumar to the Bais Hakneses
of the Satumarer Rebbe and the bais hachayim, sleep in Satumar
Friday Aug 7th
17th of Av
Daven Shacharis in the Shaarei Tora bais hakneses, the only shul in Satumar still functioning today.
Cross the border to Hungary on to Kalev, Reb Aizikel. Then to Niregyhaz and the holy Rebbetzin Sura Maryem. Shabbos in Tokaj.
Shabbos Aug 8th
18th of AV
Spend Shabbos with Harav Zev Paszkes Rosh Hakollel of Mosdos Harav Koppel Reich in Budapest and his group.
Learn why the Bais Hamedrash we will be davening in this Shabbos is the only one that is nusach sfard, as this area of Hungary
the nusach hatfiloh is Ashkenaz.
Sunday Aug 9th
19th of Av
DDaven shachris in the Bais Medrish in Keresztir, of Reb Yeshayale Keresztur, on to Madd, the beautifully
restored Shul of the Kol Arye. Ujhely, the Yismach Moshe. Cross the border to Slovakia (if time allows Kosica) then to Poland,
dinner and Mariv in the shul of Reb Mendele and Reb Hersh Meshuris in Rymanow . Visit the bais hachayim. Lancet the Bais Hakneses of the Choze.
The cemetery of the Ropshitzer Rav, on to Lyzensk , Reb Elimaylech the Rebbe of all Rebbas. sleep in Lyzensk.
Monday Aug 10th
20th of AV
Daven Shacharis in Lyzensk. visit the Belzec killing camp. Then on to Sokolow to Reb Luzeríl Raisher, the Tziv LíTzadik in Raishe,
Wadjice and the mass graves of the Koloshitzer Rav. In Nowy Sanz visit the shul and bais hachayim, Bobov shul and bais hachayim, ,
Dinner and sleep in Krakow.
Tuesday Aug 11th
21st of Av
KKrakow,shacris in the Bais Haknesses of the Remu, bais hachim old and new, walking tour of jewish area Kazimish and Podgusz.
Aschwitz-Birkenau, Oshpetzin and the restored Bais Hamedrash of the Lomdei Mishnayot. dinner and sleep in Lelov.
Wednesday Aug 12th
22nd of AV
Daven Shachris in the shul of Reb Duvedíl Lelover and visit the bais hachayim, Kilce,reb Motele Kuzmirer, Reba reb Beíer of Radeshitz,
on to the Koznicer Magid, Warka Reb Yitzchok and dinner and sleep in Piaseczno.
Thursday Aug 13th
23rd of Av
Arrive in Warsaw, Davening Shacharis in the Nozsik Shul, the only shul not destroyed by the Nazis and still functioning today.
Visit the bais hachyaim of the Polish gedolim. If time allows, visiting the ghetto area. Returning to NYC.

This itinerary was designed to use our time in Eastern Europe most efficiently and allow the traveler to visit the maximum number of Mekomos Hakedoshim.

Air fare, ground transportation, nightly hotel accommodations, two meals daily 3 seudos Shabbos and entrance fees are included in the fare.
Not included are the dollars given to the gatekeeper. For your convenience beverages, fruits and vegetables will be served on the bus.

Tzeischem LíShalom
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